Abu Dhabi Travel Insurance

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance offers a wide range of Travel Insurance plans from IHI-BUPA. Information on this leading insurance company can be found by clicking IHI-BUPA Abu Dhabi.

Travel medical insurance plans from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance have been created to cater for the health needs of young individuals who have decided to visit numerous different cities and countries within a specific timeframe. Abu Dhabi Travel Insurance plans provide cover for trips while you are outside your area of residence and are typically valid for a period of 1 day to 12 months.

Instant coverage is possible when you purchase an IHI-BUPA Travel Health Insurance Plan. Please click here to buy your plan today.

Abu Dhabi Travel Insurance Coverage

In recognition of travelers unique requirements, Abu Dhabi Health Insurance has designed its traveler plans to offer policyholders high levels of worldwide coverage and afford them peace of mind while they embark on their travel itinerary.

The following benefits are available through the IHI-BUPA Travel Health Insurance plan:

Coverage Benefit Coverage Limit (US$)
Maximum Cover Per Person Per Trip Unlimited
Out-Patient Treatment 100% of the cost
In-Patient Hospitalization Treatment 100% of the cost
Prescribed Medicines and Drugs 100% of the cost
Ambulance Transportation 100% of the cost
Emergency Medical Evacuations 100% of the cost
Compassionate Emergency Repatriation 100% of the cost
Next of Kin Accompaniment 100% of the cost
Provisional Pain Stilling Dental Treatment US$ 200 per person per day
Prescribed Physiotherapist Treatment US$ 2,500 per person per trip
Board, Lodging and Transport for Next of Kin US$ 300 per person per trip

The above list of benefits is not comprehensive and additional provisions are available under the IHI-BUPA Travel Medical Insurance plan. Furthermore, non-medical coverage options are also available for any extra or sudden trips outside of Abu Dhabi.

The following benefits are available from the non-medical IHI-BUPA Travel Insurance option:

Coverage Benefit Coverage Limit (US$)
Security and Legal Assistance US$ 10,000 per person per trip
Baggage: Theft, Loss, or Accidental Damage US$ 2,000 per person per trip
Personal Liability: Bodily Injury US$ 1,000,000 per person per trip
Baggage Delay US$ 500 per person per trip
Personal Liability: Property Damage US$ 500,000 per person per trip
Theft of Passport and/or Money US$ 200 per person per trip
Flight Delay US$ 100 per day, Maximum US$ 500
Hospital Daily Benefit US$ 50 per day, Maximum US$ 2,000
Personal Accident; Death and Disability US$ 75,000 per person per trip

It is worth noting that both the medical coverage and non-medical option of an IHI-BUPA Abu Dhabi Travel insurance plan will provide you with a high level of worldwide medical coverage, regardless of your location.

Abu Dhabi Travel Insurance Premium

Abu Dhabi Travel Insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of two important criteria, namely the age of the individual or individuals and the length of time they will be traveling for. It is imperative that the correct information is provided in both cases as coverage and the cost of premiums under Abu Dhabi travel insurance plans are determined by these two measures.

The dates on which you depart and return to Abu Dhabi are, in regard to this Travel insurance policy, both classed as “Travel Days” and should be included in the total travel time you submit with your application.

An annual option with a set premium is also available under this plan. Should you choose the annual option which will provide medical cover for as many trips as you take within the 12 month timeframe, the policy will only cover trips up to 30 days in length.

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An instant quote for Abu Dhabi Travel Insurance is available by clicking the link at the top of this page. Additionally, an IHI-BUPA Travel Insurance Plan can be purchased directly from this site and coverage can begin as soon as you receive the confirmation email. We can also be contacted here for further information on Abu Dhabi Travel Insurance.