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Abu Dhabi Health Insurance is an established health insurance broker with vast experience working with medical insurance companies operating in Abu Dhabi and the UAE region. With an unparalleled knowledge of the health care system, we offer a wide range of health insurance plans that can give you comprehensive medical insurance cover.

All citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi are required by law to hold a valid health insurance policy. In 2011, the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) publicly raised the issue to ensure all employers and their employees are aware of this legal requirement. Approximately 80 percent of Abu Dhabi’s population are non-national expatriates and it is imperative for all citizens living and working in Abu Dhabi to possess health insurance. Comprehensive medical coverage is recommended as health care services are among the best and most expensive in the region.

Medical insurance coverage from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance is generally valid throughout the Gulf region and the world. Health insurance plans remain in place regardless of whether you travel or relocate from Abu Dhabi. Your individual medical insurance policy accompanies you wherever you go providing you with peace of mind and continued health coverage.

As an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance broker, we strive to effectively liaise with insurance companies on behalf of our customers. We offer our clients a fair and honest overview of the Abu Dhabi medical insurance plans currently available to them.

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Our medical insurance plans are available to expatriates working within all industries and sectors. The main categories of medical cover on offer include:

Individual Abu Dhabi Health Insurance
Family Abu Dhabi Health Insurance
Group Abu Dhabi Health Insurance
Traveler Abu Dhabi Health Insurance
Teacher Abu Dhabi Health Insurance

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As Abu Dhabi’s pre-eminent health insurance broker, we have at our disposal a vast amount of information on health care issues and medical insurance in Abu Dhabi. Information such as the hospitals and clinics located in certain areas and which hospital to visit should you require specialist or specific treatment can all be passed on to you within a relatively short time frame.

Resources relevant to health care in Abu Dhabi include:

Abu Dhabi Hospitals Abu Dhabi Healthcare Costs Abu Dhabi Healthcare News and Information

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Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Partners

Are you moving to Abu Dhabi? Or maybe you are already in Abu Dhabi but will shortly be relocating to a different city or country? Regardless of where you are resident, Abu Dhabi Health Insurance will work closely with our health insurance partners to help you choose the medical insurance plan that best suits your specific requirements.

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