Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Broker

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance is a well established professional health insurance broker with vast experience of Abu Dhabi health care and insurance. We work with leading local and international insurance providers which enable us to deliver up-to-date advice on a wide range of Abu Dhabi health insurance plans.

As an insurance broker, we are client focused and work solely to provide impartial information on the various Abu Dhabi health insurance plans available to you. We are not obliged to deal with or recommend to you any specific health insurance company. We will strive to provide you with accurate information on health insurance plans for Abu Dhabi from across the health insurance sector.

About Abu Dhabi Health Insurance

As one of the largest health insurance brokers in Abu Dhabi with invaluable local experience, we offer advice and information on Abu Dhabi and local health care and insurance issues unavailable elsewhere.

With a customer base that exceeds 60,000 and which is growing daily, we are capable of providing a high level of personal attention and customer service.

Many individuals avoid contacting large multinational companies for fear of failing to get to speak to the right person. At Abu Dhabi Health Insurance, each customer is assigned a personal contact who will be responsible for ensuring any insurance related issues are handled satisfactorily. Contact can be made by either telephone or email and our advisors are more than willing to provide you with the answers to any questions you may have regarding your Abu Dhabi health insurance policy.

Our advisors are proficient in a number of international languages and we can respond to queries in English, Spanish, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, French and Russian. Should you make a query in one of these languages, our professional advisors can reply in your language of choice, removing the risk of confusion or misunderstanding and providing you with sufficient information which will enable you to come to a responsible decision about health care coverage in Abu Dhabi which is suited to your needs.

Global Abu Dhabi Health Insurance

Today’s expatriates and young professionals are more keen than ever to develop global and international work experience and we understand many of those currently working in Abu Dhabi may leave for fresh opportunities in the near future. We have a number of offices located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia so that should you and your family relocate from Abu Dhabi or the region, we can assist you in moving your Abu Dhabi health insurance policy.

With offices in the world’s main regions, the international nature of Abu Dhabi Health Insurance ensures that we remain abreast of regional and international health insurance news and concerns. We take pride in the ability to offer reliable advice to our clients, advice which is based on our experience of assisting numerous expatriates and professionals find the health insurance policy best suited to their needs.

Regardless of where you may end up relocating to, our international presence means you can continue to deal with one company and one advisor. We value each client and the relationship we have built up and developed with them. This relationship can be maintained and strengthened no matter where you choose to live and work.

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Services

At Abu Dhabi Health Insurance, we will endeavor to work in your interests and your interests only. Should you decide to seek our assistance and purchase an Abu Dhabi health insurance policy, we can ensure you will not be charged any extra or hidden fees.

There is no difference in the amount we will quote you for your premium and the amount the insurance company can quote you.

Our well established relationships with the insurance companies we deal with sometimes result in discounts being available. With Abu Dhabi Health Insurance acting as your personal broker, you will never be required to pay higher premiums for our services.

Our professional Policy Administration Team will ensure that all paperwork is readily made available and that all required information is completed correctly. Our staff will track renewal dates and ensure you are given ample time to proceed with a renewal of your Abu Dhabi health insurance policy.

We also have a Claims Team working in each office to ensure that all claims are handled and processed in a timely manner. All we require is that you submit your claim form and relevant documentation to us and we will ensure the insurance company receives all documentation required to process the claim.

Our priority is, as always, you our client. We will work with insurance companies on your behalf to process a claim or update a policy, all with the aim of making the management of your Abu Dhabi health insurance policy as smooth and stress free as possible.

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Privacy

We appreciate the concerns of many individuals who wish to divulge their personal details with the utmost safety. At Abu Dhabi Health Insurance, we make every effort to comply with local and international regulations regarding the transmission of Personal Data and Privacy.

For more information on Abu Dhabi Health Insurance, Insurance brokers or the services we are capable of providing, please contact us here. By completing the details section at the top of this page, you can receive a free Abu Dhabi Health Insurance quote.