Abu Dhabi Dental Health Insurance

The cost of dental treatment in Abu Dhabi can be extremely expensive and while dental coverage is sometimes included in the medical insurance plan offered to employees by their company, this level of coverage is usually not sufficient to provide full protection against dental costs.

Abu Dhabi Dental Health Insurance Coverage

There are generally two different options available under a dental coverage benefit with an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan. These are:

Routine Dental Treatment

A basic level of coverage for general dental treatment is possible with a routine dental treatment benefit. Coverage can typically be extended to include such treatments as:

  • Dental Examinations.
  • Simple Fillings.
  • Teeth Cleaning.
  • Tooth Extraction.
  • Emergency Dental Treatment.
  • Root Canal Operations.

Major Dental Treatment

A wider range of coverage options are available with a major dental treatment provision. This provision includes routine dental treatment options which can usually be supplemented by the following:

  • Bridgework and Repairs.
  • Crowns, Jackets, and Inlays.
  • Membrane Treatment and Root Scaling.
  • Dentures.
  • Periodontitis and Gingivitis Treatments.
  • Denture Repair and Replacement.

A dental treatment coverage benefit is at present not available as an individual plan and this type of coverage is included with an Abu Dhabi Inpatient Health Insurance policy. An important consideration to be aware of is that most Abu Dhabi Inpatient Medical Insurance plans will, in the event of an emergency or accident, provide coverage for emergency dental treatment.

A Waiting Period is also usually applied to most dental coverage benefits meaning that you must have been on the plan for a specific amount of time before you can seek treatment for this benefit. This stipulation is applied as many people will have received dental treatment at least once during their lifetime and may also have a pre-existing dental condition. Many insurance companies are aware of this and will provide coverage once the waiting period has elapsed.

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