Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

A pre-existing medical condition can be described as any medical condition which has existed prior to the policyholder purchasing an Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plan. The policyholder may have at one point experienced symptoms, received treatment or was generally aware of the medical condition.

Pre-existing medical conditions are routinely excluded from coverage within an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance policy, although in some cases coverage for a pre-existing medical condition may be included in an Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plan. The inclusion of a benefit allowing for a pre-existing medical condition is usually determined on a case by case basis although not all pre-existing conditions can be covered and some plans will not allow any coverage at all.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies will assess and decide on an application including a pre-existing medical condition according to three important criteria. These are: Exclusion, Moratorium and Premium Loading.


Exclusion is when the insurance company will not extend coverage to include the pre-existing medical condition or any condition deemed related to the pre-existing medical condition. Conditions unrelated to the pre-existing medical condition may be covered as usual and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy. Exclusion from coverage is typically how most Abu Dhabi Health Insurance companies treat pre-existing medical conditions.


A moratorium, or waiting period as it is otherwise known, is a specific period of time you must have accumulated under the policy before you are entitled to include a particular benefit.

Some insurance companies will invoke a moratorium period before agreeing to provide coverage for a pre-existing condition. Moratoriums associated with Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plans are generally 24 months (2 years) from the start date of the plan. If after this period the pre-existing condition has not required treatment and has not shown signs of recurrence, the insurance company may decide to extend coverage to it when the policy is next up for renewal.

Premium Loading

In a small number of cases, coverage for a pre-existing condition may be provided by the insurance company in return for an increased premium. Should a premium loading option be made available to you, the cost of your premium will rise but you will receive coverage for the pre-existing medical condition. It is worth noting that premium loading is typically offered to certain pre-existing medical conditions only.

The three criteria mentioned above are the most common ways an insurance company will manage a pre-existing medical condition. In addition to these, group applications for Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plans may benefit from another way of dealing with pre-existing medical conditions. This method is called Medical History Disregarded.

Medical History Disregarded

Generally applicable to groups numbering 20 members or more, a Medical History Disregarded (MHD) benefit can provide coverage for all pre-existing medical conditions relevant to group members. This benefit effectively ignores the previous medical history of group members and includes medical conditions that would normally have been excluded.

Pre-Existing Medical Insurance Quote

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