Group Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Plans

A group health insurance plan from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance can be the optimal choice for a number of individuals from the same organization or group seeking medical coverage. Group medical insurance plans are generally available to groups containing three members or more and Abu Dhabi Health Insurance has experience of working with a number of companies who have purchased group medical insurance plans in Abu Dhabi.

We work with many international companies and organizations relocating staff to Abu Dhabi who provide company medical insurance as one of the benefits for relocating to a new region. Plans can often be tailored for certain individuals within the group such as senior managers and additional benefits are usually dependent on the person’s particular circumstances or requirements.

Premiums are typically based on the number of members within the Abu Dhabi group medical insurance plan and discounts may be available to groups with large numbers covered by the plan.

Group Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Coverage

The medical requirements and benefits available can vary from group to group and we will work to find the best Abu Dhabi Company health insurance plan that best fits with your organizations particular needs.

Benefits available under Group Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plans can include:

One advantage of Group Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plans is that there are a number of benefits and provisions solely available under the group policy option. These benefits include the Medical History Disregarded Benefit for pre-existing medical conditions.

Another benefit unique to Group Abu Dhabi medical insurance plans are the options available to an individual member of the group should they decide to leave the plan. Many health insurance companies will provide the individual with the option of continuing their medical coverage even though they have left the group and may even have changed employer. The individual is then required to personally cover the premium costs but can continue to receive coverage for any health issues that may have arisen or required treatment during coverage under the group plan. These medical conditions would otherwise have been recognized as pre-existing and might have made switching to a new policy difficult.

Group Abu Dhabi medical insurance plans are popular with professionals and companies who spend considerable amounts of time traveling overseas. Group health insurance and Company medical insurance plans from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance are not restricted to the country or city where the individual is based, resulting in comprehensive worldwide medical coverage.

Group Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Premiums

There are three important criteria taken into consideration when Group Abu Dhabi Health Insurance premiums are calculated. These are the number of individuals covered by the plan, the age of the members and also the geographical area of coverage provided by the policy.

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Group Quote

Group quotes are available from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance by entering your details and completing the quote form available at the top of this page. One of our professional advisors will then contact you with a comprehensive list of Group Abu Dhabi medical insurance plans and the options available to you. Additional information on Group health insurance and Company health insurance plans are available by contacting us here.