Abu Dhabi Inpatient Health Insurance

An Inpatient treatment provision or benefit is one of the main components of an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan. Inpatient treatment can best be described as any treatment received at a medical facility, clinic or hospital that requires a minimum overnight stay of one night.

The cost of inpatient treatment at most Abu Dhabi health facilities is generally quite expensive and these costs are typically the highest an individual would have to pay should they require medical treatment. As a result, purchasing an Abu Dhabi inpatient medical insurance plan is a positive step to help protect you against possible hospitalization costs.

Abu Dhabi Inpatient Health Insurance Coverage

The specific terms and conditions of inpatient benefits will vary depending on the health insurance plan and insurance company you choose to work with, although it is worth noting that most insurance plans will cover treatment which requires an overnight stay. Depending on the Abu Dhabi medical insurance plan you purchase, coverage for certain outpatient surgical procedures may be covered by the policy, however we advise checking your policy statement and consulting with your insurance company before seeking outpatient treatment.

Inpatient medical insurance plans from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance will usually include the following benefits:

  • Surgical, Anesthetic, and Operating room charges.
  • Semi Private or Private Hospital Room for the Duration of the Surgery.
  • Costs Associated with Surgical Appliances and Prosthetic Devices.
  • Intensive Care Rooms.
  • Medicines received while in the hospital (In-patient Medicine).
  • Diagnostic Tests such as X-Rays, MRI’s, PET Scans, and Laboratory Tests.
  • Ambulance Transportation Costs.
  • Organ Transplants.

The above benefits are typically available under most Abu Dhabi Inpatient Medical Insurance plans but please note this list is not exhaustive and the level of coverage available to you will depend on which insurance company you opt to work with.

The average person may only require a hospitalization stay for a serious medical condition at one point in their life, however it is important to note that such is the expense associated with inpatient treatment that these costs will easily outnumber the total amount payable in premiums under your health plan. Inpatient coverage is therefore strongly recommended for any individual wishing to protect themselves from the high costs of inpatient treatment at medical facilities in Abu Dhabi.

More information is available by contacting an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Broker

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