Abu Dhabi Maternity Health Insurance

A wide range of maternity medical insurance options are available from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance. We have extensive experience helping young parents find the right coverage and benefits as they prepare for their baby’s arrival.

We are aware of the considerable cost and effort required to provide for the general health and wellbeing of mother and baby from pregnancy through to birth. The costs involved in receiving maternity care and treatment at Abu Dhabi’s leading maternity hospitals can be prohibitively expensive. A routine delivery can cost several thousand US dollars and should any unforeseen complications arise, this figure will increase significantly. It is therefore advisable to invest in an Abu Dhabi Maternity Health Insurance plan should you wish to have a baby in Abu Dhabi.

Maternity Health Insurance Waiting Periods

Maternity coverage benefit is typically available with a stipulation for a waiting period included. A waiting period is a specific amount of time in which the policyholder must have accumulated under the plan before claiming for a certain benefit. Waiting periods in regard to Maternity Insurance coverage are usually handled in two ways:

From The Start of the Plan

Under this type of waiting period, coverage is available to you once you have passed a certain amount of time on the plan. This benefit is the most common form of waiting period used by insurance companies.

A typical example of a waiting period on an Abu Dhabi Maternity Medical Insurance plan is an 8 month threshold before maternity coverage will commence. The policyholder is thus required to wait 8 months from the start date of the policy before seeking coverage against this benefit. Any related treatment received during this 8 month period is not liable for coverage within the terms of the plan.

While waiting periods are usually 8 months in length, some are known to be as long as 12 months and the length of time is dependent on the insurance company you decide to purchase coverage from.

Until Conception

A less frequently used waiting period, this benefit will set a certain timeframe you will have incurred the policy before conception is permitted. Generally 12 months in length, this waiting period will state the length of time you must wait before conception and your wish to invoke the maternity coverage option of your Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan. If this waiting period is specific to your coverage, you are not entitled to claim should conception take place during the waiting period.

Coverage for the delivery under your plan may be subject to the waiting period, although in some cases extending coverage to your new born child may be possible. Further information can be found by visiting New Born Child Coverage.

Abu Dhabi Maternity Health Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive maternity health insurance options are available from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance. A wide range of coverage options can be chosen and these typically include benefits such as:

  • Pre and Post Natal Treatments and Examinations.
  • Normal Delivery; Giving Birth with no Complications.
  • Complication of Delivery: Giving Birth with Complications.
  • Medically Necessary Caesarian Sections (C-Section).
  • Hospital Delivery and/or Home Delivery Costs.

Depending on the insurance company and plan you choose, it may also be possible to include coverage for IVF, various other fertility treatments and subsequent deliveries following fertility treatment.

Maternity Health Insurance Quote

Please complete the short form request section at the top of this page to apply for a free Abu Dhabi maternity insurance quote. One of our professional advisors will then review your information and compile a comprehensive list of the maternity health insurance options available to you and your family. Additionally, more information on Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plans is available by contacting us here.