Chronic Condition Health Insurance

Medical conditions for which there is no specific cure are classified as a Chronic Health Condition and examples of such conditions include Diabetes, Asthma and Arthritis.

Abu Dhabi’s primary health concerns include illnesses associated with a high standard of living and a modern, sedentary lifestyle. Incidents of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity are increasing year on year and some statistics released by the local health authorities highlight their concern at these health risks. One in five individuals in the 20 to 80 year old age group has diabetes. An estimated 33 percent of children are thought to be obese or significantly overweight while approximately 28 percent of all deaths are linked to cardiovascular disease.

Local climate conditions and widespread construction are also contributing to increases in respiratory illnesses. Sandstorms are a regular occurrence during Abu Dhabi’s hot and dry summer months and the air quality during this time can become dangerously poor. Poor air quality is directly associated to increases in Asthma and the risk to young children is high.

Medical conditions like Asthma require ongoing medical attention and management by the individual while in the case of young children considerable assistance from their parents and family is required. Chronic medical conditions can last for a lifetime, adding an extra financial burden through medical costs and the use of prescription drugs and medicines.

Given the number of serious health concerns affecting the citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi, purchasing a medical plan which provides Chronic Medical Coverage in Abu Dhabi is worth consideration.

Chronic Condition Health Insurance Coverage

Serious or chronic medical conditions tend to develop later in life and while many young professionals and expatriates might opt not to choose a chronic medical condition benefit, it is wise to note that your insurance plan may be with you for many years and looking ahead to older age is a sensible move. An important point to be aware of is that should a chronic medical condition develop in the coming years, insurance companies may treat it as a pre-existing condition and thus disqualify it from coverage.

Purchasing an Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plan that contains a chronic medical condition benefit should be considered by any individual to help provide coverage should they develop such a condition in the years ahead.

Chronic medical condition coverage under an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance policy is usually provided in one of three options:

Acute Phases Only

An acute phase of a medical condition is one where a sudden but short deterioration occurs. The medical plan will, as such, provide coverage for these outbreaks as and when they happen. One example would be when an individual with Asthma suffers from an Asthma attack, with the attack deemed to be an acute phase of the long term medical condition. Should a plan only provide acute phase coverage for a chronic condition, the terms and conditions of the plan will be tailored accordingly.

Lifetime Limit

A lifetime limit provision is when the insurance company will fix a monetary value to the cost of treatment for the condition over the length of the policy. The timeframe and monetary value will not change and there is a real concern that the cap might be exceeded upon which no coverage will be available.

Annual Limit

A similar provision to the lifetime limit above with the exception that the monetary value and cost of treatment is fixed on an annual basis. As the plan is renewed each year, the limit will restart and coverage for the condition can resume.

It is important to note that not all insurance companies offer coverage for chronic medical conditions and that the precise coverage options available depend on the insurance company and type of plan you decide to purchase.

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