Abu Dhabi Outpatient Health Insurance

Outpatient health insurance is not a core component of an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan and is generally an optional benefit that can be included with your policy. Inpatient and outpatient provisions are not exclusive and it is possible to supplement an inpatient provision with an outpatient coverage benefit.

Any treatment at a medical facility, clinic or hospital that does not require an overnight stay is classified as outpatient treatment. An outpatient benefit will provide coverage for such treatment.

Abu Dhabi Outpatient Medical Insurance benefits are popular with individuals and families who may make multiple visits to a local doctor or physician during the period of the policy. Claims made against an outpatient benefit are generally smaller and more frequent than say claims against an inpatient benefit while the costs associated with these claims are also generally lower.

Abu Dhabi Outpatient Health Insurance Coverage

Outpatient health coverage will vary depending on your individual requirements and the health insurance company you wish to work with. There is however a number of core benefits typically associated with Abu Dhabi Outpatient Medical Insurance coverage and these are:

  • General Practitioner and Specialist Fees.
  • Routine Health Checks and General Checkups.
  • Vaccinations and Preventative Medicines.
  • Home Nursing.
  • Prescription Medicines.
  • Alternative Therapies and Complimentary Medicine; including Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Some Diagnostic Tests, including X-rays.

As previously mentioned, the core elements of your Abu Dhabi Outpatient Health Insurance coverage will depend on the insurance company you choose to work with. It is advisable to ensure you are familiar with the terms of the policy and what coverage you are entitled to before purchasing the plan.

Abu Dhabi Outpatient Health Insurance Quote

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