Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Waiting Periods

Certain coverage benefits within an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance policy will have a waiting period applied to the plan. A waiting period can be described as a specific and pre-agreed period of time you must have incurred under the Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plan before you are entitled to claim against a particular benefit.

Waiting periods are typically added to the plans of first time policyholders to ensure they cannot claim for treatment which may have been a pre-existing medical condition prior to the commencement of the plan.

How Do Waiting Periods Work?

Waiting periods are usually dependent on the type of coverage you require, the insurance company you decide to work with and the particular health insurance plan from that insurance company. The waiting period is, therefore, a timeframe which must have elapsed before coverage for a certain benefit or condition will begin.

Waiting periods are generally applied to coverage benefits such as:

Additional information on waiting periods and how they apply to these two forms of coverage can be found by clicking on the links above.

A waiting period is usually applied to Abu Dhabi Maternity Health Insurance for example to ensure that women who are pregnant before the start date of a health plan are prevented from making a claim for a condition that would be regarded as pre-existing.

A Pre-Existing Medical Condition is any medical condition in which the policyholder was aware of, experienced symptoms of or received treatment before the start date of an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan. Pre-existing medical conditions are typically omitted from the coverage options available from most Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance policies.

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