Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Premiums

Two important factors are taken into consideration when premiums for Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plans are being calculated. These are the policy’s Geographical Area of Coverage and the policyholder’s age.

The plans we choose to work with are not related to experience; meaning that when the plans initial premium or renewal premium is being calculated, any claims made by you against the plan will not impact on the amount of the premium.

This is an important distinction between plans available from Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance and other plans currently available in Abu Dhabi and the region. The premiums of a significant number of medical plans available locally are typically calculated according to the policyholder’s ‘experience’. While the initial premium quoted by these insurance companies may seen quite inexpensive, any claims made against the plan will result in an increased premium.

Premiums and Renewals

By providing your age and the geographical areas of coverage you require under the policy, you can receive an accurate quotation for an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan.

With medical insurance plans and premiums that are calculated with age being one of two relevant criteria, it is important to note that premiums will rise as your age increases. This is primarily because as you grow older, you are more likely to experience a serious illness or suffer from a chronic medical condition. One advantage of aged based premiums over experience based premiums is that the premium increases are based on a manageable progression index which maps out any increases over time.

Furthermore, premiums that are calculated with age as a determining factor result in ‘community’ based plans meaning that an individual of the same age as you and within the same coverage area will pay the same premium as you.

As your policy renewal date approaches, an advisor from our professional Policy Administration Team will contact you roughly one month before the policy will expire. The advisor will provide you with a comprehensive review of the terms of the renewal, outline any premium increases and offer advice to help you come to an informed decision on whether to renew the plan for another 12 months.

Most of the plans available from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance will provide you with the option of renewing the plan for as long as you wish. This option will offer you the choice of renewing the plan each year and there are generally no age limitations attached. An Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plan can effectively provide coverage for you and your family for the rest of your lives.

Paying for Abu Dhabi Health Insurance

A choice of payment options is available when you purchase an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan. We appreciate that different payment structures work for different people and that a certain degree of flexibility is often required.

With this in mind, Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plans can be paid for in most major international currencies such as EUR, USD and GBP. Options to pay for plans in UAE Dirham are also sometimes available.

Some individuals may not wish to pay for their policy in a one off payment and may seek to make a number of payments over the course of the plan. As such, payment options available include Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual or Annual payments. Payments can also be made via Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Check or Cash.

Should you choose to spread your premium payment out over the course of the plan, it is important to be aware that some insurance companies may impose an additional surcharge of between 4 - 6% of the total premium amount. In some cases and dependant on the insurance company and plan you decide to purchase, we may be able to reduce this surcharge. Additional information on premium surcharges can be found by contacting one of our professional advisors.

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Quote

Information on how Abu Dhabi Health Insurance calculates premiums, renewals and the payment options available to you can be received by contacting one of our advisors here. By completing the short form section at the top of this page you can also apply for a free Abu Dhabi Health Insurance quote.