Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Coverage Limits

We understand the level of coverage provided by a policy is one of the overriding factors that will determine which Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan is right for you. This is why we only offer medical plans which have the highest levels of coverage, providing you with a comprehensive level of protection should any unforeseen medical complications arise.

Overview of Coverage Limits on Abu Dhabi Health Insurance

High levels of coverage are possible with Abu Dhabi Health Insurance. The coverage limits, otherwise known as the Overall Maximum Benefit, that are typically available under the policies available from us range from US$1,000,000 to US$3,500,000 each year.

It is worth highlighting that the overall coverage limit will vary depending on the insurance company and the limit may be applied to your policy in a number of different ways. Coverage limits available with an Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance policy generally come with one of the following provisions:


This limit is restricted to coverage for the duration of that policy year, which simply means it is the maximum level of coverage you receive each year you are on the plan. Once the policy is renewed, the limit restarts and it is not connected to any medical conditions you may have experienced.


A lifetime limit is the total amount of coverage available to you for a particular benefit which will last for the duration of the health insurance plan.

Per Condition

A per condition limit is the maximum amount of coverage available for each individual medical condition you may experience during one year of the policy.

The coverage limits on policies available from Abu Dhabi Health Insurance are usually quite high; ensuring any medical treatments you may receive throughout the year will be adequately covered.

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Quote

By entering your details in the form section at the top of this page, you can receive a free quote on one of the large number of Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plans available to you. Further information is also possible by contacting one of our Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Brokers who can help you find the medical insurance policy that best suits your individual healthcare needs.