Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Deductibles

A wide range of deductible options are typically available to you when you purchase an Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan.

All costs and charges related to medical treatment will generally be covered by an Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance policy. Should you decide to include a deductible option on your plan, you are then liable to pay part of your treatment costs.

Simply put, let’s say you have included a $100 deductible on your Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan. Should you require medical treatment that comes to $250 in total; the insurance company will pay $150 towards this cost while you as the policy holder are required to cover the outstanding cost of $100.

It is important to note that deductible options will vary depending on which insurance company and which plan you decide to work with. We advise all customers to thoroughly check and see which deductible options are available to you before you agree to purchase a particular plan.

By including a deductible option on your Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plan, you can benefit from some significant reductions in the overall cost of your premium. Agreeing to pay part of your medical costs will result in a lower premium for a specific plan that would otherwise be more expensive without the inclusion of the deductible.

Types of Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Deductibles

Abu Dhabi Health Insurance can offer a wide range of deductible options with our medical insurance plans. Some general examples of the Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance Deductibles available to you include:

Per Year

The total amount you must contribute towards the cost of each individual condition you receive treatment for is classified as a per year deductible.

For example, say your Abu Dhabi Medical Insurance plan deductible is $50 per year. This means that you are liable for all treatment costs up to and including $50 while the plan will cover, up to the policy limits, any additional charges. Should you receive treatment for an illness that costs $50, you as the policyholder are required to cover this cost. An important point to note is that the policy will cover any separate medical conditions requiring treatment. The Per Year deductible is renewed each year as you continue with the plan.

Per Condition

The amount of money payable by the policyholder for the treatment of each condition for which treatment has been received constitutes a per condition deductible.

Again, let’s say you decide on a policy with a $50 deductible. During the course of the policy you suffer from an illness and the cost of treating this illness comes to $200. Under the terms of the plan, you would be liable to pay $50 while the insurance company will cover the outstanding $150. Should you require additional treatment for the illness going forward, the insurance company will meet these costs as the treatment is for the initial illness. In the event that you were to receive treatment for a non-related illness, you are required to once more pay the deductible of $50.

Co-Insurance and Co-Pays

A co-insurance deductible is when the policyholder is liable to pay a fixed percentage of the total cost of treatment. Dental and Maternity Medical Insurance plans regularly use a co-insurance deductible.

Another example would be to say that a 10% co-insurance deductible has been included with your Abu Dhabi Health Insurance plan. This effectively means that you are expected to cover 10% of all costs related to medical treatment received. The 10% co-insurance deductible applies each time the policyholder receives treatment under the policy.

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